Implications and applications

Created a Ultra-personalised product service systems (UPPSS) for your final project Mapped the potential stakeholders. Added references of existing Projects and Scientific publications. Explored personalisation at all the different levels. Produced a customer-journey map and included it in your documentation.

Class 10
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Ideas Proposal

Fabricademy 2018 - Week 11 Review part 2 - Implications and Applications from Textile Academy on Vimeo.

Final proposal

The proposal is based on an interactive wearable that reacts with movement, as a form of artistic expression, imitating animals that are capable of voluntary self-transformation. The project is carried out through computer design and digital fabrication, using the soft robotics technique.


In this map, I reflect those areas in which I am passionate to working, and even though they seem diferents, they can work perfectly together through a link of conscience that this case is me. This map represents a graph of the areas that I would like my project to cover, and a synthesis of what my world represents.

Final Proposal

This video is an exemple about my inspiration for the final proposal. Biomimicry is learning from and then emulating nature’s forms, processes, and ecosystems to create more sustainable designs, and I decide learn about self transforamtion beings.

First schematic

It was then that I realized that through observation of nature, through biomimicry could unite those concepts that seemed separate, able to combine nature, art, technology and design through a figurative representation of nature. Designing a input to reacts throught a microcontroler in an output, who represent de nature texture.

Proposal 1
Electronic beads

I have been working with indigenous communities for many years, where my interest is based on cultural traditions and crafts. The project originated with the idea of ​​uniting those values ​​that many indigenous communities have in common through the element of bead, used by the Huicholes in Mexico, the Kuna in Panama or the Iroquois in the United States among others.


For this, I wanted to work with the concept of tradition innovation and be able to electronically control the patterns of the beads, to generate a non-verbal language, expressed through the symbolism of the symbols. For this I thought about several applications and uses in fashion as you can see in the image.


This project has to reflect my essence, being able to link those areas in which I identify myself, such as art, technology, anthropology and spirituality


The intent is to mix the different actors, in the same project of visibility of culture through technology. Make the invisible visible. Being able to take this technology to the communities and work with the symbology of the bosses with the youngest ones through the electronics.

Proposal 2
Magnetic hair

My proposal is based on the voluntary control of mangetic hairs, generating a texture like hair that reacts by points of attraction that are activated when receiving an input, based on a distance sensor. When feeling close to the interacting hair it becomes alert. These hairs, will be made of bioplastic gelatin recipe with iron powder, which allows to control them with a magnet.


  • Caress of the Gaze

    My most concrete reference is the project of caress for the gaze. Since I saw it, I loved the design and the concept being one of my references for the development of the final project.

  • First prototypes
    Magnetic hair

    Magnetic bioplastic

    Proposal 3
    Flip dot Eyes

    I would like to create a jacket in which the eyes follow you when you cross your path, making a contrast between observing you to be observed. Here some links with the flip dot techniques:

    Liza Stark

    Irene Posch & Ebru Kurbak

    Computional craft

    First prototypeFor the eyes, I would use Liza Stark's flip dots technique, but adding a motion sensor with input or a camera that detects the direction of movement. You can see the first prototype in the week 9 flip dots, eyes version.