Eunice Esomonu - Week 2: Digital Bodies

Digital Bodies

This week we are examining the human body and using various tools to represent and examine the human figure. I used various software and applications to design and create a replica of the human figure.

With Digital Bodies, I tried a lot of different things to developed a human body figure. I experimented with different softwares to develop ways to examine and showcase the human body.


For week 2, we are going to recreate a 3D version of our bodies and use software to do that. An artist that I know that utilizes textile with the body is Nick Cave who creates a series of soundsuits.

ankara print 2
One of Nick Cave Soundsuits

Initially, I tried to look at different ways to create a 3D version of myself. Initially, I though 3D Scanning but the clean up was too much for me with the time scan that I had so I looked more into MakeHuman. In MakeHuman, I wanted to see if I can try to make the closest replica of my body and so I felt it was the best to work iwth that.

ankara print 2
Scans of front and back of my body
ankara print 2
My make Human Body



3D Scanner

ankara print 2
Meshmixer Cleanup
  1. Try not to wear loose materials so you will get a positive scan. I did not and my breadth affected my scan for the 3D printer.
  2. I used meshmixer as a tool to clean up my scan, make it smoother, and connect the front and back of the scan.
  3. Scanning and cleaning up the software took too long so I moved on to MakeHuman.

Make Human

ankara print 2
Sideview of Makehuman
  1. I used Make Human to make a figure that is similarly shaped like myself.
  2. I moved the my Make Human figure onto Meshmixer.
  3. ankara print 2
    Make Human into Meshmixer
  4. I cut the arms, heads, and legs to just have my torso.
  5. ankara print 2
    Cut to torso
  6. I moved the torso onto Slicer for Autodesk® Fusion 360™ and cut it horizontally to make sliders. I also sliced them as intersection.
  7. I turned the slices into a pdf so they can be Laser Cutted.
  8. ankara print 2
    Cuts from Slicer for Autodesk® Fusion 360™
  9. I used the Laser Cutter to cut the slices onto Acrylic.
  10. Then, put the acrylic together with acrylic glue.
  11. Now, I created an acrylic version of my body.


With the forward slices, I was able to glue them together to create a mini-figure of my body with acrylic. I had to try a lot of different things but I was successful.

Finish digital body torso cut slides
Finish acrylic body