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7| Computational Couture


All the examples given during the lecture where very inspiring: GrasshoperTutorial

Rottlace Mask for Björk- Producing visual 3D complex landscapes GrasshoperTutorial Link about the Rottlace Mask for Björk

Parametric Design

Grasshopper (GH) is a plugin for Rhinoceros 3D. A plugin (extension module or external module) is a program that supplements the functionality of software. The GH plugin allows to create parametric models on Rhinoceros through visual programming. A parametric model defines a dynamic geometry where the modification of parameter values affects all of it.

Algorithm: an algorithm is simply a series of instructions allowing to do something. A cooking recipe, for example, is an algorithm: a series of simple operations to go from ingredients to a prepared dish.

On grasshoper we definde the parameters as in a recipe. Then "BAKE" it to make it visually tangible in Rhino. And the produce a Mesh object to be printed on a 3D Machine.

Understanging the principle behind Grasshopper and parametric design Giving a series of instructions/parameters/ a set of rules that the computaer calculates to create create a visual complex result.

Here are some inspirations based on this principal of visuals produced by a set of rules, algorithms, binary code, parameters:

GrasshoperTutorial GrasshoperTutorial GrasshoperTutorial


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Grasshopper Basics


  • Research = Double click = Research
  • Slicer = Double click + writing number
  • Panel = -research- "
  • Search/magnifying glass = Click scroll wheel
  • To disconnect (or right click disconnect on the symbol) = Cmd+Maj and removing a cable
  • Connect the Grasshoper icon to the element on rhino= right click Set one " ... " to ...
  • Switch between différents files - window icon on top

  • right click depends on the part you click the symbol the icon or the connection)

  • right click outside - bake OR right click on the outside and then choose if we want to group and bake

  • View: Bifocal - draw full names

  • View more complete info.: display>draw icons, full names, fancy wires
  • to get the information of the content= EXTRACT PARAMETERS
  • Component White= visible
  • Component Dark grey= not visible
  • Make a component Visible = right click preview on (or off for not visible)

To load a new file:

  • right click lock solver
  • put the file into the grasshoper workplace/board
  • unlock solver of the new document

GrasshoperTutorial GrasshoperTutorial GrasshoperTutorial GrasshoperTutorial GrasshoperTutorial

Patterns for 3D print - VORONOI

On Grasshopper it look's like that:

Video for making a Voronoi pattern


How to make it:


PART2 remap Numebr for adjusting the size of the cells

Patterns for 3D print - LINES

GrasshoperTutorial GrasshoperTutorial GrasshoperTutorial GrasshoperTutorial GrasshoperTutorial

3D printing Process


document in .obj or . Stl

Software Voxelizer

Choose the head for 3D print

Import the 3d object

Rotate and scale if becessar


Power raft =support under it (Desqctivate it)

Quality Faster =less qualitative Lower =more qualitative

Durability If strong its super dense inside If light is more hollow Or completely hollow

Printer > then arrow Then> change filament

Add support if necessary exemple tree

Next Save it on the sd card As a Gcode file (.gcode) The Gcode file is a series of coordinates that tells the laser to go here then here


3D printer

Change/Charge filament

Load the filament Temperature Hot Decharger 1.5mm Litlle by little top arrow to unload Cut the bit of filament

Load in place in the hole then in between the weels Arrow bottom to load When you print you can change Temperature

Materials First PLA Second with hemp Third TPU blue Light brown soft PLA

Laser Heating bed Control 2 temperatures Written on each material(if not search on internet) Ex between 210 and 230 Pla210bkue220 40and60degree heating bed

First calibrate In the screen Then plug connect cable Calibration auto

Test lines after Start Define temperature For buse and bed

Never touch the head

Choose the line better tested

Remove cable Remove test lines

Stick to the bed spray lawue in the bed

Choose the file Then define temperature Custom trmperature We dont care about right

Put the bed closer

Put plug the fan






You can download my file :

Voronoi Pattern - here

Lines Pattern - here



Other useful resources:

Last update: 2022-01-17