Video Conferencing System#

Fabricademy uses the Zoom conferencing system. Please make yourself comfortable using it, so that you will be able to join classes and reviews.

How it works#

Prep Meetings, Classes, and Recitations will be held in the video conferencing platform Zoom.

Zoom supports meeting recording, text chat, content sharing, and multiple participants. It connects to multiple and enables users to connect to meetings from various devices including Android, IOS devices and web-based.

The specific Zoom address for classes will be shared with the Nodes when the course starts.

Simultaneous videoconferencing among many remote users is essential for Fabricademy. This system allows people to talk directly to all the other participants, including Professor Neil Gershenfeld, and ask questions during our Wednesday lecture sessions.

1) You will receive by email and through the other Fabricademy student channels a link and a pincode for the conference.

2) Use this information when asked by the software.

Software options#

You have many options to connect:

  • Your PC with Chrome browser installed, just go to the link provided by Fabricademy
  • Your PC, downloading the Windows and Mac apps
  • Your mobile / tablet with the iOS and Android apps
  • Your phone, calling in the conference number found in the invite

Zoom App#

The tutorial below will teach you how to use the native Mac or Windows App

Room Video Conferencing System#

Whatch the tutorial below for setting up Zoom with Polycom or any other H323-compatible MCU Client: