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Hello everybody!

Im Ana from Colombia and Im so happy to be with you in Fabricademy.

I am an industrial designer & shoes maker based in Cali - Colombia leading my shoes brand and designing textiles for printing and also branding such logotypes for some local companies. You can see some projects on Behance.

About me


I was born in a nice and small city at the south of Colombia. Where the sensibility of art such painting, photoghraphing and love for color started. Im passionate with textiles and I want to mix them with technology. I am trying to find new materials for shoes production. I've been experimenting with 3d printing pieces and also I have been searching for some new structures to work with fabrics instead of leather and laces. I would love to make 3d printing objects, clothes and shoes.


Project A

I first started working with textile pattern designs for diferent brands using 2D softwares and printing using sublimation and screen printing.

Mila Bags

You can find the shop here MilaBags

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Project B

Shoes production for Designer Victoriano Simón from Barcelona in the opening catwalk at Expomoda Colombia Palmira 2018. The shoes were made using the same fabric he used to make the collection.

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You can also see my shoes Fulgora on instagram and follow me!