“Creativity is inteligence having fun.” Albert Einstein

As I begin the most exciting and interesting program in advanced technology and microbiology applied to textiles it is a great moment to reflect and put together all the ideas that have been coming round and round in my head. Where does my interest in fashion and technology begin? I don’t know but I would like to share different findings that have kept my mind restlessness.

Fashion Needs to Change -Timeline-#

2011 Greenpeace - Detox My Fashion Campaign asking the textile industry to urgently take responsibility for its contribution to toxic pollution.

Explore more about the initiative in this Video

2013 The Deadliest garment-factory accident in history with 1,134 deads and 2,500 injured in Bangladesh.

2015 The True Cost documentary film by Andrew Morgan focused on fast fashion

Changing fashion standards#

Have you ever imagined what would have happen if the mexican artist Frida Kahlo was born with the technological possibilities we have this days? Would she had choose to develop an invisible interior corset or will she have made a 3D printed futurist one?

Viktoria Modesta, for example instead of feeling shame or limit herself when she lost her leg, she decided to be the first Pop Bionic Artist.

2014 Viktoria Modesta launching her single Prototype being the first Pop Bionic Artist

The dresses Iris Van Herpen developes for every collection make us open to new esthetics and technological possibilities.

2013 Iris van Herpen World´s First 3D Printed Flexible Dresses

It would be interesting to keep exploring this ideas and put technology in service to those who need it the most. Imagine if disable people instead of feeling excluded can feel powerful thanks to technology.

My motivation#

I want to take part in the transformation into a fair and sustainable fashion industry and therefore I´m seeking to get involved in projects which imply social inclusion and the use of environmentally friendly and bio-based innovations.

Some other ideas I want to explore:

How can I help woman in risk of social exclusion Fashion as a protest and reveindication tool Fashion as art and tradition

Project management and documentation#

As the first week, we are exploring the tools that we are going to use for documentation and internal comunication.

Here is some important information Anastasia, our course manager gave us:

Documentation All the documentation will be posted at http://class.textile-academy.org/ by using GitLab platform.

Handbook Here you can find the complete handbook of the course: http://fabricademy.fabcloud.io/handbook/ where you can follow weekly the deliverables and content of each class.

Class Every Tuesday we will be connecting at 15:00 CET Barcelona, 09:00 EDT Boston here: https://bluejeans.com/373433758

Recitations During the course we organize recitations, that will be taking place mostly on Mondays from 15:00-15:45

Communication Channel Our communication channel this year will be only through SLACK

Each of us is creating a personal research webpage, learning a bit about HTML language and moving around gitlab. At the very beginning I´ve got confused and start following the instructions from a presentation that I found in the class webpage and got stocked with the SSH key. Then I found out that this presentation was supposed to be for a more advanced group. I´m still wondering what this key is about.

This is the right tutorial we were supposed to follow.


One of the first things I did was to organize the main ideas and write a little sketch in google docs. This was useful to clear my head and to correct my spelling.

A thing we should always remember is to convert all images into web format which would be 1000 x “proportional measure” and 72 dpi´s to do this I tried in two different ways:

First one I modify directly the image size properties

The second one is easier and more effective, you just need to go to save to web and arrange the size.

All the process was soft and tender but I’m pretty sure there are some headaches coming… and I’m excited about it!


I find the Fabricademy program very interesting and unique for many reasons. First of all, I feel attracted by the innovative and technologic program and I´m willing to experiment and research for applications in my profesional projects.

I love the idea of working in a multidisciplinary and international environment because by my personal experience I know the most interesting ideas are developed when you put together different perspectives and skills.

By last but not for least, I feel very excited to be able to merge what I have learned as a fashion and industrial designer and I think this program will help me to push my boundaries into more innovative and outstanding results.