About me#

Hi! I am Eva Ismer, FabLab Manager of the ViNN:Lab, the Maker Space at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau near Berlin, Germany. And project manager of the KiVi:Lab, the younger education program of the Lab.

Visit this website to see my working space!

TH Wildau ViNN Lab

ViNN Lab

My background#

Based and gratuated in Berlin

Landscapearchitecture and European Cultural Heritage

Interested in Maker Spaces as new learning spaces, innovation, Makermovement and in many DIY workshops of 3D printing, lasercutting, and much more .... and of course on textile experiments of all kinds!!!

Working and Learning Space - ViNN:Lab#

This is my homebase :) - The place of collaborative development opportunities

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Some of our projects#

One of our numerous projects is the Green Space. A community garden project of the ViNN: Lab. It is a place of social exchange, an oasis within the university that invites you to linger and has already inspired some exciting projects. This is how a student project for an arduino-controlled irrigation technique was born.

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This amazing dress was printed at the ViNN:Lab in one of our large scale BigRep Printers

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@DuPont An amazing 3D-printed dress with a new material “DuPont ionomer resin under development”


Our Workshops with students

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First ideas#

I have different ideas on fabric / fashion with additional function, such as electrical conductivity to generate heat, for example. Or fashion that can transmit the vital signs. Maybe my final project will be in 3d printed clothing.

Here you can see some examples:

Conductive Thread used for Heated Clothing

You Tube

3D printed fashion


Fabric That Picks Up and Transmits Vital Data

Textile Innovation