Final project proposals

Document the concept, sketches, references also to artistic and scientific publications. Create a GANTT chart (planning calendar). List and (if possible) cost of all foreseen materials required. List a calendar planning of machines required. Create a quick prototype of it. (physical, digital, collage or render ). Make a video pitch of your project.

  • SoftwareSublime, Adobe Ilustrator.
  • Machines
  • Materials
  • Download files
Project development Status

The project is divided into three work areas:

1. Molding: Parametric design molds made by laser cutter. 2. Pheneumatica: Soft structure made by silicone. 3. Mechanical control: Control of air pump and solenoid. 4. Electronics and code: Controlling the input sensor and output actuator through a microcontroller.

These bars are showing the current status of the project process


Soft robotics

Mechanical control

Electronics and code

Final Project proposals

First Proposal
  • First Proposal
  • Hard skeleton

  • Test 1
  • Soft structure

Fabricademy 2018 - Review on projects - 29th of January part 2 from Textile Academy on Vimeo.

Final Proposal
  • Final Proposal
  • Soft interective wearable
  • Min O0Review presentation: FINAL PROPOSAL