Skin Electronics

Document the concept, sketches, references also to artistic and scientific publications. Design a skin circuit: Build your own version of the “Skin masquerade party” project or Build your own version of the “Twinkle Nails” project:

Document the project and included all source files and all materials used, Make a video with your skin electronic working, Make a performance of your project functioning

Class 12
  • SoftwareSublime, Adobe Ilustrator
  • MachinesRoland vinyl Cutter
  • Materials Ecoflex 30, lillypad, neopixels ring
  • Download files -

How to make a skin electronic mask

Paper mask

For the first prototype I decided to use paper masks before making my own mold. Both masks are coupled one on top of the other.

Mold release agent

As the paper is porous, the ecoflex can penetrate and therefore it is better to put a lot of release agents for molds.

Ecoflex 30

Again I used ecoflex 0030, an amount of 52gr mixing the two components in equal parts.

Oven at 150F

To cure the ecoflex the masks were 17min in the oven at 150F temperature

Cast de mold

The result of the two layers of paper with the ecoflex in the middle.


As I thought it was paper could stick to the ecoflex, I had to break one of the masks to unmold the mask. Paper waste was left in the ecoflex, but with water they were quickly removed.

Programing with arduino

My idea is based on the creation of a third eye changing colors. For this, use a ring of neopixels, programmed with the arduino to control the sequences of colors.

Neopixels ring

Once programmed you can see the first results of the lower ring of the mask, the exoflex generates a diffuser for super beautiful light.

Arduino library

For the code, the first thing you should do is download the neopixel arduino library. Adafruit_neopixel.h


Here is the code you use to generate colors in rainbows. You can see it step by step in this tutorial.

Vinyl Cutter

I decided to include a representative image of the 3rd eye, using a sticker cut on the Roland vinyl cutting machine.

3rd Eye

Here we can see the final results of the sticker with the lights.

Chanching for lillypad

Now to make the mark a wearable I change the arduino by the lillypad to be able to stick it on the forehead without any cable. The connections are made with wire. In this case the ground, voltage and pin 10 of the lillypad.

Programing lillypad

For this we will perform the same process as in the arduino but changing the plate by lillypad usb. And we change in the code the pin 10 that has been is that I have sewn with the ring. Neopixel Ring Code


This is the final scheme, where we can see how the ring of neopixels is attached to the lillypad and the battery with conductive wire so that the three fit one on top of the other, allowing it to stick to the mask without having any external cable.

Results with lillypad and optical fiber

Once stuck with the lillypad with the neopixel and the battery, I inserted the optical fiber in the mask around the neopixel ring, to give it a more carnivalesque touch. The fiber turned out to be very thin, but you can see how the LEDs transport the light towards the tip.