10. Implications and applications#

This week I worked on defining my final briefly by showcasing my ‘longterm’ and ‘shortterm’ projects. My big goal is to someday be ready and able to open my own brand and combining my passions :

Concept / Idea#


What is my concept

The ‘Brand’ is a digital- and bio- fabricated clothing collection, that will take inspiration from the fungi kingdom by mimicing aesthetics - texture - design.

The ‘Brand’ will research in digital fabrication methods to decode the aesthetics and propreties of mushrooms and translate them into garments. Focusing on techniques and possibilities given by digital- and computational design created new perception and perspective of ‘pattern making’ and ‘pattern manipulation’.

The capsule collection will go around sustainable approaches, either by biofabricated materials or second-hand - low impact fabrics for the garments.

The ‘Brands’ values will want to prove the possibilities of creating a wearable and aesthetically pleasing collection fabricated in digital-,computational-, and sustainable ways. Show that 2.0 Fashion is here !

Long term#

In the following slides you will get a very simple and starting view of my big goal. It is obvious that some aspects will evolve and/or change regarding my/the yet unkown future. But hopefully you’ll get the main idea(s).

The Brand’s values :

The Dream-Team :

Target women :

Final Project : Collection#

This is just the brainstorming and first mapping of my current ideas. Basically, it shows my inspirations and some tests I did during the previews weeks that’ll help to develop my concept and designs further.

Here’s a referance of my current project with Irene. Which I’ll develop further these next weeks and months.