WEEK 3: Circular Open Source Fashion

A week of hacking the linear fashion industry model and replacing with circular, open source design systems.


IMGWhatIMadeUV Coral Mermaid Warrior - Credit: Bela Rofe


IMGtextmaterialresearch 1. IMGUnderwaterFemaleWarrior 2. IMGFemaleBodes 3. IMGinspirationmicroscope IMGinspirationmicrosope2

1. Umberto Eco - Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Ernst Haeckel - Kunstformen der Natur 1904. Hajime Sorayama. Jo Just - 50’s space girl. French School - Deep Sea Diver with a Mermaid and a Shark, Jane Russel - Underwater 1955.

2. ConceptArt.org artist z993126. Walmore Correa - Ondina. Folgen des Schnürens - Druck auf den Brustkorb.

3. Visual Inspiration - Credit: De Natuur Van Europa, Publishing the Spectrums. La Exploracion Del Espacio, Rafael Clemente._


Coral's under threat because of emissions, acidity,


IMGAntiPollutionmsks Alphonse and Théodore Carmagnolle - Diving Suit, 1882. Aura Tout Vu Couture, 2014. British Vogue, 1959. Masha Ma. Blond Saurus - Pinterest. Green Diary. Pollutionairmask.com.Post-Apocalyptic Fashion.Lucy McRae & Bart Hess - LucyandBart, 2008. Sofia Eriksson - Hybrid. Washington Post. DZHUS - Technogenesis. Rolex Magazine. Hussein Chalayan - Visions of the Future. Jake Stollery - Oracle. Giambattista Valli Couture, Fall 2012.

IMGAntiPollutionCoralmask Pollution Mask Prototype - Credit: Bela Rofe


STEP 1: Translate 3D Image into 2D Shapes - SOFTWARE: Pencil and Paper

IMG3Dpictureto2DShapes IMG2DShapeTesselations Geometric || Interlocking Systems - Kunstformen der Natur, Ernst Haeckel 1904. Vitruvian Man - Leonardo Da Vinci 1490.

  • Pencil to Paper
  • Draw object you wish to evolve into a module.
  • Realise what 2D shapes are made up in your drawing
  • NOTE.This time, my drawing of coral was comprised of a circle, octagon, square and and rectangle.

STEP 2: Place 2D Shapes onto Grid System - SOFTWARE: Adobe Illustrator

  • Open Adobe Illustrator (can also do on Rhino)
  • View > Show Grid.
  • Ellipse, Polygon, Rectangle Tools to construct 2D shape of object on grid.
  • Pen Tool in tool bar on left side to draw organic shape of tentacles.
  • NOTE. To add or subtract sides of a polygon: drag shape out whilst pressing Up and Down Arrows on keyboard.
  • NOTE. To evenly rotate Rectangle Tool 360 Degrees: select the retagle, hold option on keyboard, Object > Transform > Rotate > Insert degree.

Stepsofconstructing2Dshapetocut Adobe Illustrator Steps to Construct 2D Shape to Laser Cut - Credit: Bela Rofe

A folder with all the files for cutting and assembling can be downloaded here.

STEP 3: Choose Materials

IMGMaterialChoice Material Table - Credit: Bela Rofe

  • play with size of shapes on grid system
  • play with cuts - octagon, square
  • choose material: neopreen - plays on scuba- swimwear- coral reef
  • edit images for next step - send cut sheets to laser cutter
  • test print - tentacles too thin - octagon too many holes
  • paper undernetath
  • change thickness of tentacles and chooose squre to use as grid interlock system
  • print 50mm, 60mm, 70mm
  • export DXF
  • S: 100, P:30, CS: 20 neopreen
  • S:100, P: 15, CS: 20 organza
  • zero waste cutting method? no but how can I re-use excess material
  • thin materials were power speed 100 power 15


IMGCircularEconomyPrinciple IMGWasteModular IMGWasteModular2 Upcycled Modular Cut Off's - Credit: Bela Rofe. Elie Saab - Vogue Germany.


Spectacular underwater visuals that depict both vibrancy and distress. This clip evokes a sense of madness cast out by humans onto the serenity of the natural world.

Careless Reef - Credit: Gerard Holthuis