It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. Krishnamurti

About me

Hola! my name is Trinidad G. Machuca and I'm from south of Mexico. After I finished my Architecture degree I studied my master in IAAC Barcelona, Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. Speaker at TEDx Cancun 2016. In 2017 I studied my Fab academy at Fab Lab Barcelona, where i did for my final project a new way of interaction through a wearable that reacts with soft robotics technologies. I'm so excited to make Fabricademy to learn new skills that will allow me to improve my knowledge to make wearable technology combined with biological processes and digital fabrication applied to textiles.


  • Fabricademy Fab Lab Maya (MX) 2019-2020
  • Fab Academy Fab Lab Barcelona (ES) 2017
  • MAA Advanced Architecture IAAC (ES) 2013-2014
  • B ARCH UDLAP (MX) 2007-2012

Currently working

I'm the co-founder of Fab Lab Maya; I'm currently working in social projects with local handcrafters, educational programs around the mayan villages through our Fab Lab Movil and pushing the entreprenour tech community with all the tools that digital fabrication can offer. I'm a member of Fab craft group, where there are people from over latin american network that works in methodologies applied in hand craft process. Since four years ago, I work to improve the ancestral techniques combined with digital fabrication. From my point of view if we don't share our technological knowledge with indigeous cultures, they will disapear because they can not compete with chinese manufacture.

Another important reason I applied to Fabricademy is because I want to improve my textile skills. In the place i currently work, the mayan zone of Mexico, local Handcrafted works a lot with textiles, they used to do it in a sustainable way but since some years ago, a lot of ancestral techniques related with using natural color and materials has lost.

Fab Academy InterFACE

I love wearables! Since I was studying the fab academy I was really interested in wearables technology and soft robotics. InterFACE was designed to explore a new ways of interaction between humans, its porpuse was to colect data from the users and then confugurated to interact base in the variables you want to match with others.

InterFACE Fab academy 2017 Final project presentation at Fab Lab Barcelona from trinidad on Vimeo.

Contact: [email protected]

Sorry for my really really bad bad english... :pray: