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About me

Hi there! My name is Anneke, and I am a designer currently working at Digital Society School - part of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. I started this programme to get my head and hands off the computer and learn more about making tangible things - as deign wise I mostly "create" 'things' like processes, conversations, workshops or (learning) experiences - not very physical (though sometimes very tangible!)

My background

I was born in Rotterdam, but quickly moved to the east side of the Netherlands where I grew up outside of a really small town (which means there was not much around except grass and trees and cows). I have been living in Amsterdam since my studies (with some brief intermezzo's in Central America and Brazil) and very recently moved to just outside of the city - back to trees and grass and cows.

Previous work

The most relevant projects in relation to this one are 2;

Makers Unite

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Global Goals Jam

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Last update: October 6, 2020