My name is Micky van Zeijl. I love to combine theory and philosophy with applied design work and making stuff. This site is my documentation of the masterclasses and project of the Making Sustainability work program. I’m a lecturer Design Ethics, Minor Makerslab and Minor Speculative at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.


The MSW masterclasses are about: 'Circular Open Source Fashion', 'Biochromes', 'Biofabricating Materials' and 'Textile as Scaffold'. All these masterclasses consist of online global lectures, followed by hands-on tutorials in the Makers Lab at AUAS and assignments.

More about MSW

The Making Sustainability Work (MSW) program explores sustainable counterparts to traditional design materials through critical making and reflecting in an intensive masterclass program initiated by learning community Critical Making and facilitated by the Fabricademy network.


The publication “Critical Making in Collaboration with Nature”, discusses the outcomes of the Making Sustainability Work project. The shared experience was reflected upon in a series of interviews and essays touching on the following questions: In what way do unruly natural materials challenge ways of doing and teaching design? How do grown materials fit into or challenge makers’ goals of sustainability? What is needed to bring biological processes into communities of practice in the field of design, art and making? How and when does criticality emerge in the making process? How do processes of thinking and doing intersect and what is the role of social interactions and collaboration?