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About me

portrait Copyright ©AudeLemaitre | All Rights Reserved

Hi! I'm an Artist & designer

Currently based in Lyon, France

Working on:

Art installations ||| Graphic and visual procedures ||| Conceptual thinking ||| Repetitive processes ||| Materiality and sustainability ||| Projects tending towards infinity ||| Movement as Modification-Continuation ||| Making with HANDS Craft ||| Folding and Unfolding proposals

The development of my artistic practice is mainly transdisciplinary. It is based on the use of repetitive processes of :

line, light, folds and patterns

It takes shape in both video art productions, drawings, textiles and installations.

Throught my art and design practice, I seek to transform materials from the tangible world into productions close to illusion or the imperceptible.

Thereby revealing how material, and textile fibers in particular, can provide a powerful framework to highlight the relationship we build with our own environment.

Interested in

  • micro perceptions

  • the imperceptible - Inframince

  • movement, ej. cosmic and seismic flows;

Visit my website or my instagram to see my work!

Some of my design projects on Behance

My background

  • Graduated from a BFA major in Design, from Concordia University in Montreal
  • then Master degree in Artistic Production from UPV, Universitat Politecnica of Valencia (Spain)

In Canada, I exhibited my work at the VAV Gallery, and at the Salon du design Montréal. I became a member and graphic designer for the Magazine Yiara (art history) where I directed the artistic line of the magazine and the web platform.

In Spain, I was selected to participate in the Mostra Art Públic run by the University of Sciences of Valencia. Then produced a personal exhibition "Metamorfismo: el despliegue de una roca" at the Chirivella Soriano Foundation. I was part of several collective exhibitions, one of them was “Atenea: Mujeres Artistas Tecnólogas (Athena: Women Artists Technologists)”

Also Recipient of the Pedro Marco grant and art residency, and was also selected and awarded in the PAM! 18 exhibition to exhibit my work in a collective exhibition at the Reales Atarazanas Museum of Valencia.

Previous work

Here is a preview of some of my past projects, for more images do not hesitate to go to my website.

My work is in the intersection of:

Gif art science poetry


This project was the continuation of an interrogation on infinity, having as a common thread the dissolution of celestial blue and the exploration of atmospheric color as a path to this infinity.

The research is inspired in particular by the pictorial technique of aerial perspective : that is to say a representation of the depth of space through a gradation of blues. What we look at dissipates in the air, merges with the atmosphere, until it disappears on the horizon. The installation, made up of golden threads and suspended wool spheres, and photographs on the ground, is part of the exploration of the experience of celestial light in its unstable state of permanent transition, in particular by relying on the depths of the changing colors of the air.

Each sphere having been dyed with a very specific amount of indigo, in order to reproduce a broad spectrum of celestial blues. -more than sixty shades

CharlotteBrachoIndigo1 CharlotteBrachoIndigo2

Copyright ©CharlotteBracho | All Rights Reserved


Abstractions in motion, is a video produced using the stop-motion animation technique. The video is a textile choreography: a textile dance producing an infinity of folds, Creating illusions and variable oscillations. In this project the curve of matter is explored through fluidity, elasticity and multiplicity to create an abstract poetry of forms and tensions. This animation is an abstraction of folds, warheads, unstable patterns, and variable oscillations; an ode to matter, to geometric representations and to the movements that produce them.

The fold to infinity.

Copyright ©CharlotteBracho | All Rights Reserved


Entretejido is a specific project made for the place and the city in which it is presented. Requena (Spain), between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, was the headquarters of the Major Art of Silk, so that the weaving and elaboration of fabrics is part of the ancestral memory of the city. This installation tries to connect with this memory through the visibility and enhancement of the art of weaving.

However, Entretejido reinforces the action of weaving: interweaving refers to joining one thing with another, so that by establishing this relationship, through the weft and warp of the fabric, the installation crosses time and space. Silk, in the form of thread, is used to make visible, in the space of the room, the structures that support, a weave pattern (made of several textile pompoms).

Through the line, the light and the patterns, it emphasizes the relationship we establish with our own space. Proposing a metaphorical vision that invites us to meditate on the way in which we relate to the world.

The installation is made of three panels of silk threads and pompoms stretched from pillar to pillar following a specific rhythmic pattern. People can walk between each panel and see the patterns visually mixing together and disappearing

The exhibition was produced for the grant and art residency I was the recipient.


Copyright ©CharlotteBracho | All Rights Reserved


Exhibited at the Science Library, University of Valencia for the Public Art Exhibition

Oscilloscope is an installation that was mounted in the public space of the science campus of the University of Valencia. The work is divided into three vertical panels, in the style of those used in tapestry weaving, which serve as a frame for a multitude of tensioned and intertwined threads. The installation is an exploration of the concepts of vibration and oscillation in science as well as in the arts. The project makes use of a group of white and blue threads in linear tension that intertwine forming curves as a visual allusion to the waves and material vibrations present in architectural and urban space. Vibrations and waves such as those found in natural phenomena: the water wave, the geological fold, sound vibration, electromagnetic, meteorological waves, etc. The Horizontal / Vertical relationship reinforces the idea of ​​a cycle of the line that passes above or below an axis, a center line as in scientific graphs. It also creates a visual effect that recalls the oscillation of the landscape: the curved line of the mountains or the ripples at the edge of the sea.


Copyright ©CharlotteBracho | All Rights Reserved

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