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That's what the closest people call me, but Noa is time, like all of us who are reading this.

We are made of nature and organic forms, our past, present and future lives are stanzas and verses of a poem called life. A bibliography that will pass from one to another and will influence others just as we are already parts of other people.

I consider myself a lover of everything we see, hear, touch, feel and create. Now we share a space in which we will learn from other lives and they will take us to a higher destiny from which we started.

Objectively, I am a designer and craftswoman, it is the palpable work that I can and will show.

Subjectively, I am a memory and a passion that grows without limitations and loves to share and extract the time of those around me.


I was born in a nice city called..



Last update: 2023-02-28