After the lecture I went out from the lab thinking about this week project and what would I like to develop, as a nature lover the answer came across while walking in the street. “What about this beautiful autumn leaves?, they have interesting angles and could be folded into themselves.” While I kept walking I saw the moon and thought, “What if I play with the phases of the moon?” Eureka!

I felt both ideas attractive so I decided to explore them as you can see above:

While playing with paper I found more interesting the shapes and connections created by the phases of the moon, and after few designs I found one I liked best and decided to try it in fabric. So I developed the design in Rhino and got it ready to laser cut. The fabric used for the prototypes was a blue, thin neoprene which texture was ideal for the ensambling. The parametters that worked best for this fabric were: POWER 60 SPEED 5 PPI/Hz 1000 Hzto set the machine.

I cut some little pieces and realiced that if I add a little cut to the design it becamomes much more versatile, and so I did.

Then I make variations in the proportions to find the way it works better. The design that resulted more esthetic and functional was the middle one.

Making a nice garment#

Playing around with the moons and ensambling them into each other was super fun, but still I didnĀ“t knew how to make a garment out of it so I keep playing around with this idea until I came with another interesting ensamble which was made with the intention of making the moons visible and hiding the rest. What is interesting about this new ensamble is that it allows you to put two different layers of fabric together which is great to design a complete garment! :)

After making some corrections in the mesurements, the design was finally ready and it came out pretty nice. I fownd two advantages from this design, the first one is that it is almost ZEROwaste and the second one is that it is very versatile and youy can get different garments out of it, it is just a matter of imagination.

To cut out the following garment I cutted twice the square piece and once the little ensambling pieces in a fabric 1.80 x 1.00 mts

OS Circular Fashion Downloads#

Moon Phases