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Abobe is an online platform created for open conversation about sex that encourage responsible, emancipated and pleasant intercourses.

Willing to promote empathy and comunication between partners, Abobe developed a new concept of amplifing senses lingerie - which stimulate the 5 senses and the erogenous zones.

In the Implications and Aplications Module I did a deep research about the sexual response and the different sexual behavior between women and men, which brought me to this proyect.


Sexual Response Cycle#

During the human sexual response cycle we have 5 stages which are: desire, arousal, plateau, orgasm and resolution.

Desire and arousal are created as a response to the stimulus percieved by the 5 senses. Is through senses that the human brain percieves the external stimulus and create quimic messages that make work the hipotalamus and hipofisis generating a sexual response.

Sight/ Vision#

Related organs: Eyes

The two distinct types of receptors present, one for color (cones) and one for brightness (rods).

Eyes play the largest role in sexual attraction out of all of the senses. Research has revealed that we find facial and bodily symmetry most attractive, and suggests an inclination for us to be attracted to others who resemble our parents. If you’re looking to see if they’re interested too, check out their pupils. Dilated pupils are a physiological response to sexual attraction.

Hearing/ Audition#

Related organs: Ears

Detecting vibrations along some medium, such as air or water that is in contact with your ear drums.

Studies suggest that men prefer women with a higher pitched voice, and conversely, women find lower voices more attractive in men. This is probably because development of the voice box is influenced by the male sex hormone testosterone, with a lower voice in men indicating greater virility. A higher voice on the other hand resembles much lower testosterone and so is considered more feminine.

Taste/ Gustation#

Related organs: Mouth, tongue and nose

Five different types of taste receptors that bring to us: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami. The taste sense, unlike sight, is a sense based off of a chemical reaction

Stimulation through food

There are some specific foods as chocolate that stimulate the nervous system because of its components (teobromina) which increase serotonine in the body, generating relaxation, pleasure and happiness.

Aphrodisiacs are foods (and also behaviours) that are thought to heighten sexual arousal. As the research suggests, munching on a block of chocolate will lead to the release of endorphins, and might just get you in the mood for a bit of lovin’. Watermelon flesh and rind contains a compound that will increase blood flow to the extremities, with an effect not dissimilar to that of Viagra.

Smell/ Olfaction#

Related organs: Nose

Before we humans were into the whole kissing and hugging thing, we relied on our sense of smell to guide sexual attraction. We have the ability to detect differences in genetic makeup through this sense, with people being more attracted to the smell of those who are most genetically different to them.

Yet another of the sensors that work off of a chemical reaction. This sense combines with taste to produce flavors.

Touch/ Somatosensation#

Also different sensors are present to identify : touch, pressure, temperature, pain, and itch. This may explain why different ways of stimulation open a complete world of sensations.

Kissing. Our lips contain many touch receptors, more than most other parts of the body. So kissing results in a heightened sensual experience, which plays a large role in sexual arousal. The sharing of saliva also allows for the transfer of testosterone from man to woman – thought to be involved in a greater sexual ‘chemistry’.


Aditional to the previous research, an inquiry was applied to 50 persons from different countries, ages and personalities.

Here you can find the inquiry application:

Very interesting information came out from it! Here you can find the inquiry questions and results:

The Proposal: ABOBE#


Abobe is an online platform for innovations for a better sexuality.

The Mission is to create a better bonding between couples through the diffusion of sexual information and teh development of products that promote the stimulation of the 5 senses and erogenous zones.

The Vision is to open conversation about sex and promote responsible, free and pleasant sexuality.

The Online Platform will contain:

ABOBE Lingerie#

The amplifing senses lingerie represents our ideal - which is to reconceptualize sex as an integration of experiences that include warmth, affection, arousal, desire, touch and mostly intimacy

The user will be able to amplify the senses and learn to respect the body signs and times.

The lingerie collections must be:

The lingerie will be used as confidence, stimulation, and comunication tools.

Discover more from the collection: