About me#

Hello! My name is Haya Sami and I am a fashion designer/ technical advisor based in Abu Dhabi-UAE. I consider myself very luky that my first job was in a makerspace. To be honest, i was not really familiar with the maker movement and the concept of makerspaces but as soon as i started working in a makerspace i knew i would never want to leave. I teach people how to use CNC machines and i help them out with their personal project, throught that i was able to learn so much in so little time. It also taught me to celebrate failure and to that everyday is a chance to learn something new.

My background#

I studied Fashion design with Textiles and was introduced to different dying and fabric printing/ painting techniques like Shibori, batik, silk hand-painting, silk screen printing, block printing and digital printing.

Through out the fabricademy course i am hoping to expand my knowledge in textiles and to learn more about E-textiles and wearables. Im also very happy to meet different people from different backgrounds and hope that we can exchange the knowledge and grow the network.

Previous work#

Bellow are some photos of my work in fabric dying/ printing

And here are some photos of my previous collection, my main focus was experimenting with layers and digital printing as well as draping.