8. Open Source Hardware: From Fibers to Fabric#

Objectives from Fabricademy website :

Create or hack an existing machine#

Produce samples of work from your machine#

Document and make a 30s video of your machine working#

Workshop with Studio HILO#

Fab Lab Bcn welcomed HILO co-founders Natalija Krasnoperova and Sara Diaz Rodriguez. They led us in a 3-day crash course on how to build their one-of-a-kind yarn spinning machine.

Fab Lab Bcn with HILO dynamic duo, Natalija and Sara.

Spinnen mit selbstgebaute Spinnmaschine from Studio HILO on Vimeo.

Materials List#

Step-by-Step Assembly#

Yarn Spinning Machine from Jenny Kleininger on Vimeo.

Video by Montserrat Ciges

Team Monochromo (aka Montserrat and I) with our final yarns

Creating swatches with our yarns#

A. Knitted swatch#

Swatch created by knitting cream wool blend + grey wool blend together

Step 1: Learn how to knit
- My mom taught my sister and I how to knit when we were kids, but I haven’t done it for years.
- I watched some tutorials and researched knitting techniques
- Learned the knitting process backwards: I started from the last step and worked in reverse. All I knew was that I wanted the end result to be a knitted swatch in which both colours could be visible, and at times interwoven.
- So I researched knitting techniques and found the two-colored linen stich, which is really pretty. But from watching the tutorial, I realized that I needed to learn how to do a linen stitch with just ONE colour first. So I watched a One-Colour Linen Stitch tutorial…and from watching this, realized I needed to learn how to make my stitches before I could do any stitching. This is called casting on, and is the first step of knitting.

- Casting On
- How to Knit a Linen Stitch
- How to Knit a Two-Colored Linen Stitch

Step 2: Begin to knit by casting on

- Cream wool blend
- Chopsticks

Step 3: Linen stitching

Step 4: Attempt two-coloured linen stitching

Step 5: Go back to single colour linen stiching


Next steps#

B. Yarn image swatch#

Lecture reflections#

“Open Source Hardware - from fibers to fabrics”
Presented by Mar Canet & Varvara Guljajeva, design duo based in Estonia
Lecture 8