1. State of the art, project management and documentation#

This week I worked on learning Gitlab and making my website for the Fabricademy course. I also started thinking about what I want to do for my final project.


Making my Fabricademy website#

I tried learning Markdown language, which wasn’t super difficult. The only issue I ran into when using the language was when I was trying to change the size of the images I was uploading. I tried following this thread on stackoverflow, implemented it on my webpage, but then saw undesirable text show up on my website. I then found out that you could implement html in markdown code (which I was more fluent in) so I used that when making my webpage and will probably stick to it for the rest of the course so I can focus on being creative :)

Initial thoughts on final project#

Since I have a passion for understanding body movement (through dance and Pilates), I’d like to create a wearable that can give a user proprioceptive feedback on their movement in space. Most wearables out in the market focus on fixing your form through haptic feedback:

Images courtesy of Wareable. (L) Upright. (R) Wearable X.

However, as a Pilates instructor, I’d like to have users to understand what parts of the body their using and know how they are moving it in space.