1. State of the art, project management and documentation#

Fashion industry, a huge and creative playground. Though most of fashion brands just care about profit and don’t look after their resources. Nor natural, nor human. I believe we should get involved with products because we share the project’s values & mindset, taking into account the resources consumption and not because someone manipulates our minds to make us feel we need them.

In my case, I have been out of the fashion industry for almost two years now, as I donĀ“t want to contribute to this mass environmental disaster. I decided to join Fabricademy, to achieve knowledge and skills that allows me to work in sustainability. I want to update with new technologies and skills to make possible my project about fusionating food and textiles, as making fabrics out of food waste and natural resources that are still not common in the fashion industry. Moreover, I would like to investigate about the biodegradability of them.


” Search the glove for expertly crafted pieces, with transparent origins, which are timeless in style and made out from biomaterials”

Experience with GitLab & Documentation#

Documentation is a main aspect of open source methodologies, both on technical and societal level. It is at the same time a useful tool, as you document every step of the process for yourself as well as for the community.

In the context of worldwide distributed courses like Fabricademy, you are evaluated on the quality and precision of the contents you share in your personal webpage. Sharing pictures, videos, results and conclusions, as well as mistakes and improvements, is very important to show and explain everything you do. Screenshots of softwares in use on your computer are mandatory and highly appreciated because they demonstrate exactly how you managed to design it and every parameter you modify. I find Gitlab quite easy to manage, though I had some trouble uploading images and modifying their sizes. At first, the images where very heavy and big, so they were twisting the whole time. Then I decided to open them on Photoshop, modify any brigthness/contrast as well as the size, exporting them for web format in smaller sizes.