About me

Digital fabrication designer / Fabmanager

I began my journey in fashion design and specialized myself in fur and leather. I had the opportunity to do an internship at Saga Furs in Copenhagen. I explored technics to transform fur into softer materials. A while after, I changed direction a little bit with an undergraduate in international relations in which I specialized myself in Latin American economic development and human rights. After it, I choose to do a master degree in international law and international politics in which I had the opportunity to work in a research group on technological development for Latin American economic and social development at the “Instituto de Investigaciones Económicas” of the “Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México”.

I've been working in Fab Lab for now 6 years starting everything at échoFab in Montréal. I'm now working for Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec developing what I think will be one of the biggest initiatives in the world, BAnQ Saint-Sulpice.

In this new Fab Lab project, a special place has been thought for textile working and other topics dear to Fabricademy. It seemed clear that finishing the Fabricademy that I started in 2017 was more than pertinent.

I also graduated from FabAcademy in 2017.

** And finally I love graphic design and icons drawing. This is why you don't see my face but a little someting made with Inkscape.