The Gâteaugraph is the love child of a spirograph, phonograph and a bakery. An interactive crank and crown system activates plates and make the dessert turn like a ballerina in a music box as guests paint and speckle a collective dessert. Each turntable activates a different instrument of the giant cake music box’s soundtrack. A lever allows guests to control two giant hands that make a powdered sugar cloud to finish of their sweet creations. Commissioned by Sidlee and presented at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal.


The project wants to emerge the participants into an interactive food experience where a table, and 75 sensors, invite you to taste the dishes while creating outstanding music. The experience is completed with two barman modules that talk to the participant and become drunker and drunker with them. The desert is served on a structure, and weight sensors, that changes the lights in the room while eating it.

Side projects and Fab Lab's demo

From regular Fab Lab's machines or technics to Fabricademy and textile working, those spaces need demos to inspire. Objects often speak to people more than words. In all those years working in Fab Labs, I had the chance to design, create and produce a lot of then.