2. Digital bodies#

While doing my research for the weekly assignment, I came across this great project. I was fascinated by both the 3D scanning technology and the beautiful 3D prints it produced. I wanted to work on that technology. And because ViNN:Lab gives us a gorgeous opportunity to create life-size 3D prints of people in our BigRep printer, I was immediately on fire and started working.

In this video you can follow the whole process of the project. For more information, check out this website.

Digital Bodies Städelschule

I decided not to use the lasercutter for my digital body instead I used the high scale 3D printer. Working with the lasercutter in the lab is very routine for me because of my work and I wanted to take the opportunity to learn more about another device.

This week I will test our 3D scanners. I used the Artec - Eva Handheld 3D Scanner and the Artec Scanning-Software

My first experiences in scanning with Artec was very exiting. And the first results were a little bit “artificial” and funny :)

You can see it at the following pictures:

During the first scan attempts, I stood too close to the wall, so the background was scanned, too. Then we scanned in the ViNN: Lab with more space around us and it worked there immediately.

Artec-Scanner and NetFabb#

After scanning with the Artec scan software, I reworked the file with the NetFabb program and set the cut edges.

This structured light 3D scanner is the ideal choice for making a quick, textured and accurate 3D model of medium sized objects such as a human bust, an alloy wheel, or a motorcycle exhaust system. It scans quickly, capturing precise measurements in high resolution, which allows for almost unlimited applications, without the use of additional equipment.

More information about the Artec Scanning System you can find here:

Artec Eva

Required for every 3D print is a three-dimensional volume model. The shell of the model must be closed and must not have any holes. The 3D printer needs a faceted mesh for printing, which it can fill with construction material. This facet net is the first requirement to properly print a 3D model.

Testing and repairing software for 3D printability requires testing software. I used Autodesk NetFabb here. My stl-file had no errors, the scan with Artec-Eva was flawless. I used the NetFabb software to cut the model.

Autodesk NetFabb is available as a free-trial version or as a free version for students.


With the slicing-Programm Simplify3D we created the print file for the 3D printer. The settings can be used to define support and infill, for example. It also shows the amount of material and the printing time.

3D-Printing with BCN and BigRep#

At first I only created a mini version of the figure with our BCN SigmaX printer. The original figure on a scale of 1: 1 is still printed on our BigRep printer. This has a construction platform of over 1 m³. At the bottom of the model, a hole is made so that the figure can stand with the help of a stand.

From Youtube#

3D Models#

Eva 3D Scan