9. E-Textiles and Wearables II#

This week little ATtiny and I became friends. A small marvelous device to experiment with wearables and to try first ideas.

My weekly assingment is to create a swatch using an ATtiny with one input and one output and to create 2 actuator swatches.

Experimenting with optical fibers is of particular interest to me this week. I am fascinated by the unbelievable effects that can result from the sideways emitting fibers. Combining the whole thing with the super-small ATtiny allows so many possibilities to integrate optical fibers into textiles.

The biggest challenge this week was programming the ATtiny

optical fibers


Beginners guide to fiber optics instructables


Next I plugged the circuit with LED and a resistor on the breadboard. In the following picture you can see which pins I used.

Arduino as programmer#

First I loaded a sketch onto the Arduino Uno to make it a programmer. For this we open the Sketch under “File” -> “Examples” ->”11.ArduinoISP” -> “ArduinoISP” and transfer it as usual via USB to our Uno. Now it is ready and can program further chips.

Then I created the sketch for the blinking LED.

Now I have loaded the sketch onto the ATtiny.

Now the sketch can be transferred to the ATtiny85.

Actuator 1 LED#

Actuator 2 Optical Fiber#

In these two short videos you can see how I connected the ATtiny and optical fibers. These optical fibers were intended for an end-to-end application. By scratching the tube with a cutter knife, a laterally emitting optical fiber could be produced.

optical fibers and ATtiny - end-to-end

optical fibers_ATtiny1 from Eva Ismer on Vimeo.

This can result in fantastic application-related textile projects. And I look forward to being able to test it all out soon!!!

The application of optical fibers in textiles will be realized in my final project. I am looking forward to the exciting experiments and illuminating results :)

Click on the following link, then you can see the implementation of my electronic components in clothing. I used the LULU-board and a Gemma. All details, codes and circuits can be found on the page.

My Project

by MikaelaHolmes


From Youtube Impressions#

Fiber Optic Lighting for Wearable Tech