3. Circular Open Source fashion#


Neoprene bag with modular assembly designed by OYE AJEWOLE
The internal measurements of the bag are 20 x 10 inches
Download the file "HERE"


For this week’s assignment I wanted to try my hand at creating a modular garment, specifically modular tote bag. Following the examples provided during the lecture, the first piece of work that stood out to me was that of “Matija Cop“. Cop’s work was fascinated me. I gravitated towards the sihoulettes and completeness of each tessellated piece. The second source of insporation was The Post-Couture Collective. Post-Couture Collective is a fashion brand that offers an alternative to today’s fashion system. They make modular ready-wear fashion while focusing on sustainability and affordility.

This is the type of modular fashion that I interested in. Ready to wear, sustainable and cool. For me I like making products that have real life use. For this assignment I want to make a tote bag. To me tote bag are interesting because they are usually over looked but have high function value. I also wanted to test the idea of modular fashion and see how limiting it might be. Tote bag are only useful if they can carry a large amount of weight. So how durable can a modular tote bag be?


My goals when approaching designing the bag was to design somethings that can be easily laser cut, least amount of waist and can hold a large amount of weight. I started experimenting with the idea of creating a two piece tote bag but I quickl realized the best approach is creating the bag from one piece. Connecting Mechansim: Hook and Slots


Happy with the prototpe and design I went to transform my sketch into CAD. My choice for CAD program is Solidworks. To create the design in Solidworks I started with a 30" x 20" recatangle as my base shaped. I then added the slots and hooks to areas where the assembly will happen. In addiont the main body of the bag I created two handle bars that will have a hook and slot mechanism as well.

Adobe Illustrator CAD of tote bag

For this design I used the Trotec 400 flex:
Bed Size: 36" x 24" Settings: Neoprene
Power: 60
Speed: 30
Frequency: 1000hz
*2 Passes*

A. Take the rectable base and fold it in half. Make sure the hooks and slots are aligned with each other.
B.Start connecting the bag on one side. I would start from the bottom and work my way up. Found that it was much easier this way.
C. Finish the entire side
D. Start connecting the other side of the bag
E. Take the handle bars and insert one end of the hand bar to the slot on the front. Insert the opposite side of the handle to the back slots

Final Results#