Ren Hang poet and photographer from China

Rei Kawakubo fashion designer, Comme des Garçons founder from Tokio

Yayoi Kusama artist and writer, from Japan

Xenia Laffely artist and designer, from France

Alejandra Flora Pizarnik poet and artist, from Argentina


Do not fell part into fashion world, even when our degree is “fashion designer”, means that we are drawing a line whose strength is ethics. Means that we feel ashamed of a superficial world, where fast is the slogan and unfair trade, the way. Shame of a world where natural resources become private property, and children, into machines.

2 € a t-shirt it’s not magic, it’s hypocrisy.

I am here because i am really disappointed with past generations for not considering us and those present one for their shameless abuse of our mother earth. Yes, I’m very angry, but not enough to lose hope. Anastasia in our first day at Fabricademy said if we dream a better world, then it will be

So,to me being here means that we are the other side of the coin.


The first approach with Gitlab requires patience. A lot. I start this task reviewing the profiles of previous years in Fabricademy. I recomended, it is very useful, especially read the documentation that bring you the tools to costumize the websize, in a clear way. And it is important to familiarize ourselves with this system from the begginning. Dillinger and this tutorial have been very helpful in this task.

I realized my boards using Photoshop

If you need free downloand use this tutorial:

My first Gitlab Codes:


This is a very clear image, it serves as a guide to start customizing our website with patience and little by little. In my case, I prefer a more sober page, with a completely white background, where to highlight the reference gif and the rest of the available information in such a way that its reading is simple. So the changes he made are simple, he changed the upper block from black to white, the icon is now a heart and I kept the letter but the color changed. I recommend these two pages to change the top icon: Cloud Convert Materials Icons

This is my mkdocs codes now:

If you want to learn more how to customize deeply take a look in this links: