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About Me and My Background

  "firstName": Lydie,
  "lastName": Boufflers,
  "occupation": PhD Student, Research & Teaching Assistant,

Lydie Boufflers (September 2020)

Hi! My name is Lydie and I am a PhD Student & a Research and Teaching assistant at TECFA, University of Geneva. More information about me in my CV Tecfa Unige

About Digital Fabrication & Me

Digital fabrication as Student

I discover digital fabrication with Prof. D.K. Schneider at TECFA. I attended the 'making' courses STIC III (2016) & STIC IV (2017). During these courses, I developped the following two main projects.

Project 1 : learn how to code

Programming Boy

STIC III 2016 with laser cutting technology : Programming boty with Sophie Bénard Linh-Quang

Project 2: identity building with embroidery

Embroidery identity logo

STIC IV 2017 with embroidery machine: Logo identitaire pour les ARE informatique

Digital Fabrication as Facilitator

In-service teachers training

2018-2019 - In-service teacher ''making'' course to create educational tools

  • Master Thesis 2019 (see below reference)
  • 6 weeks hybrid training
  • 2 Sessions (November 2018, Mai 2019).
  • Online sharing platform for teachers' projects DigiFabWiki

2020-2024 - Another In-service teachers training in the pipes

Coming Soon, stay tuned!

Outreach Events

Embroidery collage

Outreach events Description
Broderie machine au salon du livre 2018 Embroidery at International book fair in Geneva (2018)
Broderie machine à la nuit de la Science 2018 Embroidery at Science fair in Geneva (2018)
Broderie machine à la 5e rencontre de l'audition aux HUG - 2019 Embroidery at HUG for children with cochlear implant (2019)

Discovery Workshop


  • Discovery workshop at INSPE Lille (Teacher School). Two workshops were proposed : Embroidery and Laser cutting. This event was documented on online platform Edutechwiki Journée du numérique 2019 Lille.


  • Discovery workshops : at the begining of this academic year, we created with Kalliopi Benetos discovery workshops : laser cutting, embroidery machine and 3D printing. Information about this workshop can be find under Midis du Making.

Digital Fabrication as Writer

Book pixabay

Writing 3 virtual books (FR) with two colleagues (Daniel K. Schneider & Arthur Mérat) in 2017-2018: 1. Broderie numérique en education 2. Broderie numérique avec Stitch Era 3. Broder pour changer

Digital Fabrication as Researcher

Master & PhD thesis

  • Boufflers, L. (2019). En noir, je grave… en rouge, je découpe ! conception, mise en oeuvre et évaluation d’un dispositif de formation continue destiné aux enseignant·e·s pour la fabrication digitale d’outils pédagogiques Retrieved from
  • (Since 2019) PhD Thesis go deepening in the subject of the train the trainer in digital fabrication and its effects.

Academic papers

  • Boufflers, L., Schneider, D.K. (2020) Designing an in-service teacher ‘making’ course to create educational tools. Fablearn, NY, USA.
  • Schneider, D., Fritz, M., Benetos, K., Boufflers, L., Bétrancourt, M. (2018, Octobre). Un rôle pour la broderie numérique dans l’éducation ? CIRTA, Québec.

Conference communications & démonstrations

  • Schneider, D. K., Boufflers, L. (2020, Mai). Computational Thinking and Making: Computational Making [communication]. Connecting Technologies and Didactics - The IDEA Project Experience Center for Advanced Studies Research and Development, Cagliari, Italy.
  • Boufflers, L., Linh Quang, S. & Schneider, D.K. (2017). Initiation à la pensée informatique avec le jeu de plateau Programming Boty, Atelier "Apprentissage de la pensée informatique, EIAH'17.
  • Schneider, D.K., Boufflers, L. Benetos, K. (2020). Computerized embroidery for identity building, Démonstration, FabLearn 2020.

About my Motivations for Fabricademy

The first motivation is my personal curiosity regarding all of these techniques and technologies. I do hope this Fabricademy program and the collaboration with other participants and FabLab members enable me to develop my technical and creative skills.

The second motivation is the Master course STIC III/IV for which I am Kalli's teaching assistant. We have to offer to our students high level, interesting and innovative course and this training could help us to develop such a course.

In addition to that, I started a doctoral thesis in the field of education & digital fabrication in September 2019. Having more competencies, interact with others and spend time in the FabLab environment could help me for my thesis work in order to offer more and more sophisticated courses.

About my Topics of Interest for final projects

There are some topics of interest that may be involved in the final project such as the following:

Computational Design

The terms design computing and other relevant terms including design and computation and computational design refer to the study and practice of design activities through the application and development of novel ideas and techniques in computing (Wikipédia, Design Computing, accessed October 17, 2020)

"Starting from a concept, the software helps them to pass from an abstract conception to a concrete representation. This basic process is adopted in many fields, from interfaces to architecture, with the output coming as the result of a generative process powered by the designer’s mind. Passing to computational design, the generative process becomes powered by machines. Instead of drawing lines and shapes, the designers must define all the computational instructions to achieve the output" Embracing the power of computational design

Parametric design


Embroidery & Interactive embroidery E-Textiles


Hamdan, N. A. H., Voelker, S., & Borchers, J. (2018, April). Sketch&stitch: Interactive embroidery for e-textiles. In Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 1-13).

Hybrid bricolage, Computational Craft

Synthesis of computational design, digital fabrication, and hand craft

Smocked embroidery

The Hybrid Bricolage - Bridging Parametric Design with Craft through Algorithmic Modularity from Amit Zoran on Vimeo.


  • Images of Smocked Embroidery Dezeen
  • Efrat, T. A., Mizrahi, M., & Zoran, A. (2016, May). The hybrid bricolage: Bridging parametric design with craft through algorithmic modularity. In Proceedings of the 2016 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 5984-5995).
  • Jacobs, Jennifer. Algorithmic Craft: the Synthesis of Computational Design, Digital Fabrication, and Hand Craft. Media Arts and Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, August 2013. PhD Thesis

Weaving machine & Knitting machine

Knitting Weaving

Social networks

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