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This is me, posing with a balloon, OOMP

Welcome to the Fabricademy course page, by Olivier Oskamp, "Making sustainablity work". A materials research project at UAUS

About me

Hi! I am Olivier Oskamp. I am a Designer and maker in Amsterdam designing products, materials. Always considering innovation and sustainability.

Here you can view my assignments for the fabricademy "making sustainability work" programme. And a selection of my personal projects.

My background

Born in amstelveen and seasoned in Utrecht school of the arts, I live, work and play in Amsterdam. I stem from the field of Art & Technology and broadend my horizon as a maker and designer. I currently work to further my business, OOMP and am a parttime instructor at the UAUS Makerslab

Ongoing personal projects


A window cleaning robot. Utilising the "van der Waals" interaction, wiswas scales the vertical like it is horizontal. Thus reaching all the hard to reach places. Effectiently cleaning whereever it goes.

Moldy Dick

The Moldy Dick is a boat made from mycelium. It is an excersize to build large CAD designs from mycelium. A boat seems a great idea, mycelium is very light and hydrofobic. After some failed experimentation, I am experimenting with growing mycelium sheet material which is cut to form the ribs of larger object, a boat in this instance.


Making listed buildings and monuments more sustainable with effecting the appearance. Listed buildings (or rather very old buildings) and monuments are mostly poorly insulated. Also improving this insulation is often not viable. Fitting double pane glass for example is often not allowed, because it will change the look of the window design. Double pane glass is heavier and to fit heavier glass would mean changing the window layout. This project seeks to solve this issue by re-employing already present solutions. And supplying an easily removable and in style insulation. Transparent window panelling.

You can edit it on Gitlab.

Last update: December 11, 2020