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My documentation

This is the image caption Hello, I’m Carla, although many colleagues call me Carlota, my old student nickname. As I teach subjects related to dressmaking, sustainability, and fashion, I came to FabLab to improve my knowledge of innovative technologies and develop tools for my lessons as well.

I would like to join my backgrounds in textile, fashion, and dressmaking and upgrade a tool that was started with a student some years ago. My aim is to rebuild a dummy to work with fabrics and be able to weave, because I believe that by joining both methods, it is possible to reduce waste while proposing a customizable and durable fit.

About me

I graduated in fashion design in the late 1990s from Lisbon University, where I used to create modular and transformable clothes. Then I worked in the north of the country as a fashion industrial designer for a Portuguese company, following up casual menswear collections and street and active womenswear collections.

Later, I moved to Lisbon to have my first child named Camila and to start working in the textile design area. I worked for this Portuguese company for nine years, developing work in the textile weaving area and collaborating with the marketing department to consolidate the company's corporate and external image. At that time, I took a Master in Textile Design at Minho University with the aim of raising knowledge in «Tapestry and its Production Techniques."

Then I was invited to teach fashion design at the faculty in Lisbon, and I had my second child, named Lourenço. In this period, I started my PHD in general design, focusing on sustainability in clothing design. I wanted to prove that it was possible to produce recycled threads with enough quality to reproduce clothes again. Today, it is very acceptable and usual.

After finishing the PHD, I had my third child, named Francisca, and since then, I’ve been teaching subjects related to sustainability and fashion, technologies of fashion, textile materials, and dressmaking.

It is not easy to balance children and work, but I feel proud that, despite their big age difference (9 years), they are still very close friends with each other.

This is the image caption

Last update: 2023-11-08