1. State of the art, project management and documentation#

This week I started setting up this website and wondered what the hell I’m going to focus on for my final project.

What I’ve been thinking about this week#

I’ve always been into tessellations, but this week I went down a Wikipedia rabbit hole and read a lot about hinged tessellations and hyperbolic geometry.

Here’s a really nice tessellation gif by Shonk

gif of moving tessellation pattern

My Fabricademy goals (aka things for future Jessica to remember)#

Machines and tools#


Possible project themes#

Gif of batman thinking

Documenting documenting#

Over the course of Fabricademy I learned a lot about documenting my work. In my final project diary I’ve written about how I did it, including photos, gifs, and filming / recording sound for my final project.

Documentation is super important, both so that you can share your work with other people, and also to remind future you how you did things (because you will forget!). If you take pictures of everything and document as you go along, it saves a lot of time later on!