8. Computational couture

Final outcome


Neri oxman

Iris Van Herpen

Noa Raviv

Danit Peleg

Francis Bitonti

3D print

3D printers has existed for 40 years but where only accessible to the military and medical services.

Having everyone with 3D printer at home:

  • Can create more trash/production
  • Increase consummering production
  • Everyone is not CONSCIOUS

4D print

4D prints are 3D print that have intelligence, have memory, reacts to water, heat, sound,...

Project cyborg and 4D printing


Tutorials - Exercises


  • Point input - output
  • When green -> points connected to Rhino
  • When red -> points not connected to Rhino [Error]
  • Right click to connect points from Rhino to Grasshopper
  • When you hide in Rhino you can still see it but it will be enable
  • Preview off to not see anything in Rhino


How to download a plug-in

Cura 3D

When you need to use a support material:

  • Object in the air
  • Bridge
  • Angle smaller than 35 degree


  • Quality - 0.2
  • Infill - 10%
  • Build plate - Brim, skirt, raft
  • Support
  • Wall
  • Speed/Temperature - Datasheet

When saving file to 3D print

  • Export
  • .stl
  • option = 0.001 / 0.0001 millimeter (More weight but more precise)

Fabricademy Grasshopper

3D printing process

Stretched fabric triangulation



Double layer stretched mesh fabric hexagonation




Parametric House, Tutorials

Design Coding, tutorials

Think Parametric

Frequency/Sound field tutorial, turorials

Syntopia, Iris Van Herpen, IAAC, how the syntopia dress was designed

Fabricademy - Tutorial Grasshopper 1 - Coralia Dress

Fabricademy - Tutorial Grasshopper 2 - Coralia Dress

Fabricademy - Tutorial Grasshopper 3 - Coralia Dress

Food 4 Rhino, download plug-ins


Noumena, open source 3D printing projects

Thingiverse, open source 3D printing projects

Nervous System, costumize 3D printing files

Instructable, open source 3D printing projects

Candy Fab, DIY candy 3D printer

3d Hubs

Form Labs

Self assembly-Lab

3D incubator

Digital Grotesque

Enrico Dini big scale 3D printer

Fergal Coulter, 3D print on inflated surfaces

MIT's Self Assembly Lab 3D printed wood, Hydrophilic material that will react to heat and water and will fold because of its shape design.

Kayser works, Solar Sinter, 3D print with sun and sand in desert.

3D print Food