About me

Born in England and grew up within several cultures such as the Italian culture from my Mother and the traditional African culture because during my childhood we were based in South Africa. I have been surrounded by people of all ages many of who work in Creative Industries such as Art, Product design and engineering. Luckily I have also been fortunate to meet people who are interested in Science, Sports and History as-well. I like learning and listening to people’s stories, in 2019 I learnt from older friends and professor’s about the current trends in Design and Architecture. Furniture, Product-, Interior Design and Fashion have all been influenced by the advancements in 3D printing and the development of Parametric Design programmes. I have felt a liking towards Fashion Design and Art since a young age, so these advancements in technology give me much excitement. I hope to get involved as much as I can into this multidisciplinary creative education, where technology and Art meet.