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Fabricademy 2020 by Jorge Correa

About me

Deep understanding in all things manufacturing attracts and perplexes me. I have a passion for observing and appreciating my surroundings, as such surrounding myself with cool things. Things to use, seat and interact with.

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My background

I'm curious laid back designer, and life long student. Graduated from Carleton University as a bachelor of Industrial design, did a specialization in Footwear design in IED Madrid and constantly strive to learn more and grow.

Developed in Quito's manufacturing industry regarding Construction Furniture and Footwear design, always in-house, always next to the factory so I understand what and how things get done.

Previous work

I created a chair that makes you coffee after you sit on it while I was participant in the Fabacademy 15 class.

This is me

I am located in the Andes, beautiful mountains surround me and I´m fond of getting out of the city on the spare time.

This surrounds my city:

My Favorite mountain

You should come visit!

Last update: April 5, 2021