10. Implications and applications#

For this assignment I decided to study the phase of customization and development of a typical product of my brand to which two apparently opposite lines belong.

The style of the classic collection that captures a style from the past also infuses the inspiration of the sperimental collection that turns the gaze to the future.

The type of product that will be analyzed will be part of the sperimental collection created through digital technologies.

The final project will be part of this collection for which I have been interested in participating in this course.

This will be the typical product of the experimental collection or a piece of clothing dedicated to individuals and professionals in the show business sector.

Product Service System#

PSS Value#


Customer Jurnay#

Service Interfaces#

Service front and back ends#

Credits: Desygner




I did a search according to my business.

There are well-established tailor shops with a large amount of costumes as well as for scene, for ceremonies and in style of different historical periods and give a very detailed rental service.

With the cost for rental are included any tweaks to tighten or enlarge, small repairs, 3/4 days of rental, washing and maintenance. In some cases there is a deposit based on the value of the dress.

Prices range from around 70 Euros for a simple dress, style 20s to about 120 Euros for a men’s suit or a rich dress from the 700s.

I would like to contact and visit these tailors and have a comparison and hope for a possible collaboration.

Some shops in MIlan

And on-line