2. Digital bodies#

Digital bodies#

The purpose of this week’s assignment is to create a mannequin with using different techniques of digital fabrication. This was very enjoyable assignment for me. I was failed to scan a human body 17 times and every time I was making different mistakes. I tried to scan with different place , different lights, or in different position.

What is 3D scanning ?#

we have “sense 3D scanner” which is very easy to handle. I downloaded and install 3D sense software with one time passcode.

The scanner works only with the sense software provided by 3d system.For scanning connect the scanner USB to your computer machine. In this week we have to scan a human body. And made a mannequin .

I took the following steps;

Select the option from them i.e if you want to scan human then choose the human and if its any thing then choose the object option.


My experience in this week..!!#

I enjoyed this week’s assignment .It was difficult to obtain a good 360 degree scan of full body parts, due to obstacles in the environment while scanning. To overcome this, the part needs a lot of repairing and smoothing in Meshmixer. I also tried to use differnt softwares for scanning. But it doesn’t work like sense scan so i decided to scan on sense.

3D Models#