2. Digital bodies#

During this week I created a tailor’s mannequin using laser cutting, and corrugated cardboard. During the lesson I sketched the possibilities I had available based on my 3D modeling skills and on previous experiences in laser cutting.


In Wemake there was the possibility to use kinect with the Skanect software to be able to scan objects and people. We wanted to try this technique but personally I did not satisfy for the poor definition. I would have liked to scan some more useful body details for design olso an accessory.

Mesh Restore#

I scanned a tailor’s manikin because my personal scan result was really terrible ad dfficult to obtain. The object was still and the scanner read the surfaces well. After scanning, I fixed the imperfections with the mashmixer software.


To create the slices I used Slicer for Fusion 360. As soon as I imported the model in the program and inclined the direction of the layers to get a thick plot. In the opposite sense, however, I have eliminated most of the sections making them pass into the structurally most important points of the manikin.

After the material and the shape of the layers then I focused my attention on the use of a few sheets of cardboard, decreasing the section plan even more.

For the corrugated cardboard I’ve used

three sheets 1189x841 mm with a thickness of 6 mm

I exported the file in order to optimize the arrangement of the parts in the plates on Illustrator occupying only two plates and a small portion of the third.


it was the first time that I used the tool for laser cutting on my own, but it happened in the past to do some projects using this technology. I used Slicer for Fusion 360 to be able to automatically obtain joints with correct thicknesses and the pieces in addition to the assembly order that I followed to be able to mount the mannequin.

Mannequin Assembly#

I managed to quickly realize my initial idea where the layers of the model cross in oblique corners. I wanted to preserve many layers only in one direction and to reduce to the minimum necessary for a rigid structure in the opposite direction. The sections pass through the most important points of the dummy, like the breast and the waist, from one side. The manikin is a static structure but is perceived as moving, since depending on the point of view the panels are perceived as full or empty.

FabricAcademy_mannequin assebly from Greta Dalessandro on Vimeo.



Digital Mannequin Contest#