10. Implications and applications#

Before this week I had never really thought about the final project. In fact, what I am quite convinced is the design philosophy that I would like to have behind the product.

I had some scattered and confused ideas that I have not explored except during this week. I wanted to face the ideas with the knowledge of techniques and materials as complete as possible (I still have a lot to learn and learn!)


I started to analyze the constant elements I wish there were in my project. the cornerstones of my design are surely the time and the experience that the user acquires with the use of my object creating an empathic relationship with the object.

In the past I have inserted a strong communicative component within the material to force this empathy and to send a strong message to the user. A strong value is that of dissolving the object to turn into experience that in the past I have transposed into the exclusive use of biodegradable materials.Working with biodegradable materials in order to communicate knowledge during the gradual consumption of the object.

My Idea#

The ideas I had are very futuristic and I preferred to resize them to be able to achieve them with the techniques learned during the course. The final project idea is not the final one and it is not complete but it has helped me to realize the whole design environment of the product service system.

The Project#

My project involves the creation of three baby clothes kits. the first kit (0-18 months) is pre-ordered online. The brand minimizes production based on the demand for clothes.

In the project table I preferred to set an order linked to the product. Only in this way I noticed the lacking design points and those where a service phase was inserted or a professional who helped me to realize the idea as the column dedicated to the stakeholders.

There are many cells that we want to be able to define the project in a second phase even more in detail, where the initial idea is already more defined. I have not thought of a partner or a sponsor for this too.

Some projects similar or ideas from meb:#

The Personas#

The users involved in this project are definitely the parents or who takes care of the child. I imagined a couple with their first child attentive to environmental policies, creative trends and looking for a high quality at an honest price for the child’s wardrobe.

The Costumer Journey Map#

I imagined the whole process of product-related services from the users’ point of view. Users are a couple who make decisions by planning them in advance, trying to make the right choice for the child and the environment. They are informed through different channels and if they are satisfied they try to spread the idea of the brand and expand the user community.

They find the online brand that prepares the first kit. the company sends the family home and begins the physical use of the product.

The child grows, attends school, park, pediatrician for checks. Possible places where parents of other children are interested in the brand and the idea. they are involved and ask for information.

In the meantime the kit is used and the size of the child monitored every month (for the first kit, in the subsequent ones the monitoring becomes less frequent).

At the end of the use of the first kit, the brand should have obtained some success, creating a network that also allows a possible physical exchange of the kits or a part of them between parents or children.


I firmly believe that this will not be the result of my final project. I have not defined techniques or materials that I would like to use.

I would like to insert a clearer and less hidden message in the use of my project.

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