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1. State of the art, project management and documentation

Well, I arrived on the second week to the class, so I have to get advance quickly. Also I have done some research previously for my final project idea you will find at the end.


Editing the Gitlab platform I had to find how to embed videos using a thumbnail.

I found it here Stackoverflow

Second I look what a thumbnail is and I found this from Computer Hope Thumbnail Which is a good thing to know. I had no clue about this.

And got the thumbnail of the video I want it from this page GetThumbnail

Final project ideas and research

As I have told you before I do make shoes and also I want to mix fabrics and textiles with technology. I've experimenting with 3D printing and I think this technology it's been used for shoes already but in an artistic and conceptual way. I want to create a collection of everyday shoes and clothes or accessories if possible but everyone can use it, trending and affordable. Thinking in comfort and functionality. Such no laces, more fabric and less leather. What if this shoes are returned at the end ther life-use and this 3D printed materials can be resusable?

Some pictures of trends. Trends