About me#

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Hi! I am Barbara. I am an biotechnology engineer based in Puebla city, México working on bioplastics, biocomposites and papers with natural fibers.

Visit this website to see my work! https://barbarakm.wixsite.com/ecoplaso

My background#

I was born in México city and since my chilhood i was passionate about science, thats why i studied biotechnology engineering. During my bachelor i developed different projects such as natural dyes with nut`s shell,pumice stone as a vehicle to deliver nutrients to plants and bioplastics. At the last part from my bachelor i created the startup called Ecoplaso intended to develop bioplastics out of organic food waste.

Previous work#

I have worked at Pfizer, University of Alberta, Hopital Angeles, Universidad de Barcelona and InDRE on areas as molecular biology, bioprocesses and nanomaterials.


Ecoplaso was born on 2015 as a way the reduce and reuse the food waste in our city.

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So… We developed a technique to transform this organic waste into sustainable materials, This is the image caption

some people called “vegan leather”.

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