2. Digital bodies#

This week I worked the use of the 3D scanner, mesh repairing, mannequin lasser cutting and assemblying of the mannequin activities that i will describe on the follow lines:

For the 3D scanner activity i used an iSense scanner to scan myself with the help of Linda

Scanning process

The digitalisation was able through the isense program and for that digitalisation i had to turn around several times so the sensor could be able to digitalised the whole bodie

After that i exported the files as .obj, and then i opened the file using Autodesk Mesh Mixer

And then,i repaired the mesh by clicking on t-analysis - inspector -autorepair all al it will repair and close the holes on the mesh

and we will see the repaired mesh as this one

then we changed the mesh texture by clicking -Shaders and selecting one of the following ones

And we then use Slicer to cut our Mesh

We lasser cutted the cardboard using the slicer file

Lasser cutter settings Then i set the setting for the lasser cutter to: Speed 600m/s Power 85%

The we assembled the mannequin by following the slicer instructions

unfortunaley we had troubles assembling the cardboard mannequin so we decided to change to ECOR with 2.5mm width

So we started againg cutting the material and assembling it we used the same lasser cutter settings:

Speed 600m/s Power 85%

So Finally