I am a Doha-based designer recently graduated with MFA in interdisciplinary Design Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUartsQatar) in 2019. I had gone through 5 years of hard-work and struggle to acquire double majors in BFA in Fashion Design and BFA in Interior Design, from the same university since 2008 until 2013.
My design involves critical thinking, innovation and solutions that spark conversations and inform narratives, through which perspectives are exchanged and shifted. Through interdisciplinary practice, I investigate behaviors and needs, explores materials and systems of making, understands their impact on the human body and mind, to stem into design solutions.  My work includes mainly fashion collections and product design. During my MFA thesis research, I focused on ADHD in Qatar, and how design works as a means to empower and celebrate this condition within the Qatari society. Ambivert, multi-talented, and a strong believer in innovative design, my midnights are spent deriving innovative ideas, systems and design solutions that leaves the viewer inspired. My curiosity and joy lies in looking at the past, observing the present to lead to an exciting future of possibilities.

Growing up: More so, where are you local from?

Born and raised in Qatar, my values and culture comes from interacting with different personalities within a diverse environment, which has grown me to become open-minded and welcoming of all kinds of personalities. I enjoy hearing and listening to personal struggles, incidents and passions of others. Also, that image above was shot in Netherlands. It reminds me of abundance! You can see i'm crazy about travelling and exploring!

Projects and personal craze

You may find me being highly excited and fully committed or utterly bored. Both are important for my survival.

Recent craze 2017- 2019!