8. Computational couture

3D printing on Fabric

Although this assignment focuses on usign Grasshopper to 3D print onto different materials, I have included here images of 3D printing experiments that I did as pert of my internship at QBIC Fablab during my Masters degree.

printing on felt from Rabab on Vimeo.

I recently spent time working with grasshopper, by referring to videos on youtube and working around with understanding points, units, arrays, move to name a few. Following are some screenshots and updates.

Working with Array on Grasshopper from Rabab on Vimeo.

For exporting the file, I have attached a video here to find the exact steps.

Exporting Grasshopper File for Print from Rabab on Vimeo.

Personally I love grasshopper and somewhere during learning stages, it gets hard and time consuming, but the once learned and expanded it only gets more fun and im curious to know where I will reach.