1. How I learned to use Gitlab

During the first week of working on GITLAB, I referred to the links provided by fabricademy on how to work with the website. Initially the process may appear time-consuming but as the projects were assigned and documentation was to be completed, we get a hang of the process.

In short, - 1) Refer to steps provided by fabricademy on the tools under the tutorial section, that provides a detailed information on how to document be it images, videos or links. - 2) Create the necessary account to log in a make changes. - 3) Edit the assignments by opting for docs/assignments/week number and editing the web.

  • (https://class.textile-academy.org/tools/tutorials/#project-management)

All the necessary information is provided by fabricademy on the fabricademy website.

  • Other points:
  • For images I normally use Adobe Photoshop or Indesign
  • For videos, I use Adobe Premeire and upload it on vimeo and share it with the required audience.