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1. State of the art, project management and documentation

This week I worked on start to brainstorm for my final project and learning/adjusting to the documentation process.

Final Project Ideas

Before taking any classes at Fabricademy I knew my end goal was for the final project to be a wearable technology garment. I wanted to both challenge myself with the new skillset I’ll have gained from the program and see how I could push myself to create a more though prototype (in comparison to my previous work). When asked what I had in mind for a final project, I knew it would be a wearable, but what kind or for what purpose?

Thought Process

This started a brainstorming process for me similar to what I used in the past for my last wearable (the image below is an example of previous product storyboarding); What story do I want to communicate? Who do I see using and needing this garment?

I realized I couldn’t even answer those questions, so it became most important to identify larger concepts I could work off of. To me, I enjoy developing designs centered around my interests, and below is the image of my list.

As of right now, this is as much as I feel like I have in mind for my final project, however, I’ll be adding to a Pinterest board to gain inspiration throughout the course.

Last update: January 18, 2021