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Janvi Gohel

About me

Hello! I am Janvi Gohel, Contemporary conscious fashion designer from India, interested in sustainability and innovations for a better future, Majored in fashion design from National Institute of Fashion Technology(NIFT), Mumbai. ‚Äč I am from a small town near Mumbai, that is, Silvassa. My past interests were opting for a medical carrer, which is why I have a science background.

During my final year at NIFT, I had created a design collection inspired from textures offered by nature - mainly jellyfish, I wanted it to be a sustainable collection so I decided to use merino wool, and decided to make textures using a very traditional technique - felting. The fabric was made according to the pattern of the garment, advocating the issue of waste production. I also used natural dyes which I made from food waste and fabrics itself had textures so I didnt need any embellishments. The goal was to make a bio-degradable but wearable collection.

This was the time when I started researching on more sustainable fabric options and started reading about innovations happening in textile industry, Bio-materials caught my attention, and thanks to AI, I got suggestion of fabricademy and that's how I know about this amazing course!!

I want to explore the integration of biodesign practices and new fabrication technologies, that could be used as a tool for an economically and socially liberating design practice. Combining multi-disciplinary aspects like, incorporating living organisms, computational design and developing compostable biomaterials together holds a great potential for a new production framework for the fashion industry.

Visit this website - to see my work!

Last update: 2022-01-08