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Zoé Gil

My name is Zoe Gil. For now, I have mostly been a visual artist (photography and decoration) and art director (last job being an art director for a niche perfume brand). I see my world as a curiosity cabinet where I collect rare/one of a kind objects and oddities. I think I act the same with brands I've worked for or collaborated, I'm looking for projects that I find authentic & unique and I am against everything that is limiting, copying, globalizing as such everything ends up looking the same. That's why I came to Niche brands and projects, because this is where I find truth and passion in people.

various visual personal and professional work

During my visual art studies I was very drawn to textile design and specifically research and experimentations. Unfortunately, I have never been able to specifically study textile design so my experience of it is rather experimental.

textile project 'The future of hair'

Even without this specific teaching, I was able to contact and be accepted to work within two studios based on textile research and creation : Tzuri Gueta (Paris) and The Unseen Beauty (London). The latter is the most beautiful professional experience I have had so far, and was based on textile and cosmectic innovation within a very spohisticated art direction. I was part of the creative team and was working with the scientists and guided them creatively while they showed us what was possible or not in a practical way.

researches made while working within 'The Unseen Beauty' studio

I think that through my various professional experiences (in Textiles, art, even perfume!) and the artistic direction I have developed over the years, my sensitivity and aesthetic is personal and acute; as I've expored it a lot. I am at a crossroad in my life where I have developed my aesthetics enough to share my vision- Instead of trying to adapt to other's.

I would say that my approach is more that of an explorer of visuals, emotions, romantism, and search for beauty than that of an engineer/scientist. I actually have already created the art direction of my project, and now, I need to develop some products and projects that would fit into those values and aesthetics.

Last update: 2023-04-12