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I design immersive experiences that creates magical worlds for people. Worlds that give them joy and excitement while encouraging them to play.

By engaging all the senses, the experience becomes joyful, electric, physical, emotional. It sears sensory into our brains, if not to our souls. Senses are the basis of experience. Each person's experience of things and space is multi-sensory, and the perception of the form of things and space is the combined result of all senses.

With this course I aim to develop wearables that can promote the same type of sensorial experiences.

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Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible

I'm a transdisciplinary artist and develop my work between visceral matter and the cosmic chaos of the underworld.

Drawing my name from the goddess of death from Norse mythology, guardian of the world of darkness, my artistic practice is deeply influenced by allegorical symbolism and a search for the balance between light and dark, chaos and harmony, beauty and violence.

Working from my own experiences and perceptions, I'm continuously investigating and tapping into the complexity of contemporary existence, revealing what lies beneath the veneer of social and cultural conventions.

Through sensory exploration and using a mixed-media technique that includes collage and upcycling, I delve into taboos and stereotypes with graphic provocations that intersect the erotic, the beautiful and the bizarre. My pieces speak of dreams and traumas through synaesthetic imagery, light, shadow, texture and sound.

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I'm specialized in the use of color, creating mixed media art and immersive installations.

Working as a textile illustrator, costume, fashion designer and cultural producer, I'm drawn to projects that are innovative, inspiring and act to bring about positive societal change and all sustainable subjects, art, culture and cognitive skills.

Passionate about creating immersive experiences that fuse physical and digital through mixed media and upcycling techniques.

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