Me About Me
I am Romain Di Vozzo. Trying to not systematically think and act seriously…but it’s hard :)). I quit trying to define myself or what I do a few years ago to just go anti-disciplinary. A third-Octopus, a third Phoenix, a third Chameleon (I mean, if there is a need to invoke animal spirits…). Some people might say I am too visible, others might say I don’t take seriously the given opportunities to emerge and become a public person for real…this is my duality. I prefer freedom over the rest. I still can change my mind anyways cause I am a pragmatic person. One very important think to keep in mind concerning me is that my relashionship to Digital Fabrication is mainly Process-driven. Over the years I’ve learnt that it is through processes that my creativity can express itself at its bests.
Academany Programs What I do
Fabricademy I mentor Fabricademy Students (2 since the beginning of the program in 2017), while studying it.
Fab Academy I mentor Fab Academy Students and just obtained a local accreditation for Fab Academy at Université Paris-Saclay.
Bio Academy I did mentor one Bio Academy student while finishing mine.
Academany At the end of this course I might be the only person owning 3 Diplomas from the Academany.

A few years ago, this happened:
Contamination through Fashion Environmentalism
I am not into fashion. At all. I wear Pret-√†-Porter. I wear casual and sport clothes. When I find a cloth that fits me, I buy several samples at the same time. Same for the shoes…But I am obsessed by environmental issues. Born right after the first Oil Crisis, I later would be involved into environmentalism, through Art, through working for Greenpeace, through my everyday life routines. And I am as deeply involved into Digital Fabrication as I was engaged into Environmentalism.

A few years earlier, this happened:
Younger, I was involved in the DIY Hardcore scene and my opinion on environmentalism started to grow significantly from this ecosystem. I never crossed the border to become a vegan or a straight-edge but I remain close to the values shared in the hardcore scene at the time. What is happening in the Fashion Design sector seems to be strongly influenced by counter-cultures like the punk and hardcore mouvements.
My background

I both received formal trainings and self-taught. I take trainings to focus on topics and projects to experiment. I am always in search, to increase my knowledge. For the last 5 years I have been building and developing Fablab Digiscope. I work in sciences.

I studied Arts, History of the Arts, Philosophy, Languages, Social Sciences, Digital Fabrication and a little bit of Synthetic Biology. As a kid, Archeology was my thing.

I won’t bother you with too many details on what I did before. Check my CV and My LinkedIn account if you’d like to know more about me and get in touch.